Friday, March 26, 2010

I can't remember where I put this receipt but I don't forget a good deal...
Children's Motrin $1.50
Nivea Lip Gloss .49
Rold Gold $1.25
Yogurt Packs .88 ea
Lipstick $2 reg. $9 ( gave as b-day gift)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So this sale was if you bought $40 worth of P&G products you recived $10 instantly... so I took 25% off ea item (assuming I would buy $40 worth) and then added my coupon.... The result was:
5 boxes wheatable crackers
2 Pampers diapers
2 crest toothpastes
2 Pop Secret Popcorn
1 Herbal Essence shampoo
1 Herbal Essence conditioner
1 Herbal Essence Moose
1 Herbal Essence Hairspray
2 Pringles
2 -8pk Bounty Paper Towels
2 -12 double roll pk Charmin Toilet Paper
THE TOTAL CAME TO $25.00...... I SAVED $75.00
I paid 1/4 of the origional price!!!
This kind of couponing takes some time but it is so worth it!

I love a good deal!

So this was a fun one...

I origionally was going to get the Joy dish soap (12.6 oz) that was on sale for .99 w/ a .30 coupon that would make them .69 ea. but I saw the Ajax for .79 ea and it was 16 oz. So it turned out to be a better deal not to use the coupon! :)

The eggs were again .99 ea for Large Grade A

the Ritz crackers were .99 each... I had a coupon for $1/1 -I got a penny for buying ea. box!

So total: Saved: $15.76 and only PAID: $5.50!! WAHOO!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yogurt Bananza!

I went on a Yogurt Spree... I got each of the 4pkg of yogurt for .40 cents each and the gogurts for $1. The cheese (2 lb bag) 2.99 and the apples (3 lb bag) for 1.99
Now what did I do with all of those yogurts???
Well I'm sure that everyone knows that gogurts taste best frozen...
As for the other flavors Yoplus froze really well and now my son calls it "yogurt ice cream"
The FiberOne didn't freeze as well but it did make yummy "fruit" roll ups... If you have a dehydrator spray your tray a little and evenly spread the yogurt. It said 130 degrees for 12-13 hours. You can use any yogurt you have or try different yogurts to see which you like better!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Catch em while you can!

So when I'm at a store I make sure to check the christmas sale aisle! I did at Target and boy did I save!
Total Cost $102.42 Saved $72.42 Paid $28
Birthdays and Christmas are done for the next year! Yeah!

I love a good deal!

3 Avacados
4 Pears
French bread
2 Activia Yogurt
4 Grade A Large eggs
2 Fantastic cleaner
1 Apple Juice
2 Osteo Bi-Flex vitamins (reg 19.99 ea)

4lbs carrots
6 zucchinis
bunch of broccoli
head of cabbage
4 Bags of mixed salad greens
Total Cost $103.85 Paid $29.54 Saved $74.31

Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't Get Stumped!

Christmas is coming and there is always a mile long list of people you want (or feel obligated) to give goodies to...
Here are some solutions...
There are tons of things that you can get for cheap or free by couponing... I was able to get these Nivea lip glosses for 49 cents each (saved $13). These are a great gift goodies or stocking suffers.
There are cake mixes and cookie mixes that you can give away.... for a cute idea for homemade cookies in a can click HERE (one of my favorite idea blogs).
I know there is also a coupon in the SS for cuties (the clementine tangerines). If everyone gave me those for Christmas I'd be happy! I could eat the whole bag in a day!
I thummed through my coupon inserts the other day to see if there was any extra things that I could use for holiday gift ideas! You might be surprized!
Another thought is that everyone is asking for canned goods during the season... It's a good time to check your stash and give a little where you have a lot (you might notice you won't use some cans before they expire).
If anyone else has good gift ideas that are cheap let us know! We'd love to hear them!
Happy Saving during the Holiday Season!